ReclaiMe Data Recovery Training

Brief history and photo gallery

Elena Y. Pakhomova, Development and Marketing Elena Y. Pakhomova, Development and Marketing

One of the founders of ReclaiMe software development team, she started working in data recovery field even before completing her master degree. Elena has significant experience in developing software for various data recovery tasks – from memory card recovery to enterprise server recovery.

She enjoys skiing, skating, music and movies, and spending time with her family.

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Julia Y. Pakhomova, Chief Developer Julia Y. Pakhomova, Chief Developer

The co-founder of ReclaiMe data recovery software company, she has significant expertise with storage systems, including home and enterprise NAS/RAID units.

Holding a M.Sc. of Moscow State University, she started working in mathematical modeling circa year 2000, and then decided to apply her vast mathematical background to data recovery applications.

Julia dedicates most of her free time to her two little children.

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