ReclaiMe Data Recovery Training

LDM Recovery - Practice part

Task – Recovering LDM volumes by binding LDM objects

In this task, you are offered to download two image files of disks belonging to the same LDM disk group.

First, you need to reconstruct LDM volume(s) on paper by manually linking LDM objects – PRIVHEADs with Disks, Disks with Partitions, Partitions with Components, and Components with Volumes. Next, you need to create regions in data recovery software, then combine the regions into custom layout(s), and finally recover data.

For this task, use either a disk editor built-in ReclaiMe Pro or any other disk editor of your choice.

Additionaly, you need to download a blank sheet for linking LDM odjects here.

Download disk image files

Two disk image files compressed to a ZIP archive, 60 MB

What we did in this situation

For a reference point, see what we did and what we were able to figure out - download PDF with our notes here.

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